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Gel Ice Pack In Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu - Manufacturers & Suppliers Refrigerant Ice Gel Pack is suitable for the storage of goods at low temperature during transport of goods such as Vaccines, Medicines, Food products etc. Applications: Temperature Controlled Packaging Frozen Food Ice Cream Vending Medicine, vaccine, serum & Biological products transport Food Stall Cooling Marine Refrigeration Cold Store Back-up Transport Refrigeration Body Cooling (can be used in Fever, Sprain after Injection etc. Medical Passive Cooling Temperature Controlled Transport Cryogenic Back Up Refrigerator Energy Saving How to Use: Before use, it must be put in refrigerator for 5 to 6 hour or till it becomes solid, now it is ready to use. It is used for storage of cold products, Keep products cooler for longer time, Freeze flat at -20'C, to 24'C odourless, colourlessnon-toxic, free form contamination, Caution: Do not eat or puncture, not for internal use, can be Reuse if not puncture.
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