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gel ice pack online india Refrigerant Ice Gel Pack is suitable for the storage of goods at low temperature during transport of goods such as Vaccines, Medicines, Food products etc. Applications: Temperature Controlled Packaging Frozen Food Ice Cream Vending Medicine, vaccine, serum & Biological products transport Food Stall Cooling Marine Refrigeration Cold Store Back-up Transport Refrigeration Body Cooling (can be used in Fever, Sprain after Injection etc. Medical Passive Cooling Temperature Controlled Transport Cryogenic Back Up Refrigerator Energy Saving How to Use: Before use, it must be put in refrigerator for 5 to 6 hour or till it becomes solid, now it is ready to use. It is used for storage of cold products, Keep products cooler for longer time, Freeze flat at -20'C, to 24'C odourless, colourlessnon-toxic, free form contamination, Caution: Do not eat or puncture, not for internal use, can be Reuse if not puncture.
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